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I'm not really a writer

25 June 1984
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Half Minang.
Half Javanese.
Born 25th Ramadhan 1404
Cancerian with an Aries personality.
Hannie is not really rude, she just says what everybody else is thinking..

Quit studying Mass Communications due to financial matters.
Now doing Business Information Systems, which is a combination of Business and Information-Communication Technology. My brain is always on the verge of exploding.

I dream of becoming a journalist or a party planner. But I don't think I'm qualified enough.

I teach myself to cook Chinese, Indian, Thai and pasta dishes. I also love baking cakes and breads. Yum!
But I can’t all cook Minang food at all. Boyfie and I get our fix of Minang at Hjh. Maimunah.
Some narrow-minded people are always telling me that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.
Hel-lo, that is yonks ago. We’re now living in the 21st century. The women now can not only cook, clean and make babies; they can also head MNCs, drive turbo-powered cars and buy their own diamonds!

I hate people who wallow in self-pity for absolutely no reason at all. You know, by whining about things like:
"My dad is gonna retire. Who's gonna pay for my car now?"
"I need to work everyday because I need all these expensive make-up and clothes!"
"I am so tired because I came home at 4am last night. Because I went clubbing. And I have to wake up at 6am for work!"
"No one wished me happy birthday. No one gave me anything on my wish list. My life sucks!"
"I earn $1,600 per month. Pay day was last week. But I'm now broke because I bought 4 dresses!"

*Trust me, I hear these all the time*

I too, have to work everyday, for the sake of basic survival, earning less than $500 a month. And guess what? I'm still alive and well!

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